Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm psyched!

Just reviewed a huge packet of material from May 2010 telling me all about my future kidney transplant.

At last I've accepted the necessity of getting it and that it very well may happen.

Called Paige Lockwood, RN, this morning, my transplant coordinator. Very nice woman. Asked her what I'll need to bring when I am called: toiletries, meds and slippers.

And my laptop and camera! Can't forget them.

I feel like a teenager. Writing in her diary on the side of he bed.

Although they say I can be called at any time, I'm thinking more like two years.

Told her I'm recovering from sciatica. She said she knows how that feels - she's had three back surgeries. She's also had some other very serious problems....ovarian cancer, bless this good wonderful woman, who's married and lives in Bensalem PA.

Let's take our first blog photos for this website. See the Klein Bldg envelope. That's where I have my appts. They just expanded their transplant department on the fifth floor.

List of meds I'll take right after transplant.

If a kidney is rejected, it's most likely caused by failure to take meds correctly.

Doubtful you can see me in my bedroom meer.