Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The call comes, but wait a minute

At 11:30 this morning the call came. I didn't answer the phone tho it rang and rang b/c the Caller ID read: Unknown Name, unknown number.

Never did it occur to me it might be Paige Lockwood, nurse coordinator at Einstein Hospital, telling me I was third in line for a new kidney that came in.

Not even when the phone rang again and it was Dan did I answer. I was sending a very difficult email to about 15 group members from our meeting last nite and needed all my powers of concentration.

When Dan called a second time he told me the news.

I called Paige immediately.

She does not have call waiting.

The deceased donor is a 27-yo male from Philly w/Hep C who died of anoxia, the result of a drug overdose. His brain didn't get enuf oxygen. How his parents must've been waiting for the day when their son would overdose. Fortunately he's a donor.

His kidneys are in great shape. Paige told me the creatinine level and the GFR, I think. Her substitute Debbie will be in touch later today. My phone is at my side.

We can't expect word before 6 pm, more likely after 8. Dan will drive me. Sarah will take the train down.

Now it's noon. I turned on NPR and heard an interview with The Bad Plus, Ethan and Reid. Here it is.

Ada called to alert me as did Judy Diaz, who was one of only a few people I told about the potential operation. Her best friend Judy Rosenthal was transplanted at JHU.

What to do while waiting?

I ate. I had a big hunk of turkey with mayo, thinking the protein would be useful if I got the operation. How would green grapes help the situation? Or my homemade white bread that crumbles into five pieces when I cut it.

Had to correct the proofs for the Compass, which I did, and tell Mark Amos to print 1,000 copies for a whopping $2,360. I'll send out an appeal to my group members.

IF the operation goes forward, I needed to do a few things. I refilled my 2 pill boxes so I won't get charged hundreds and hundreds of dollars for my pills.

I paid my credit card bill so I won't have to pay a late fee. I always wait to the last minute to deprive them of the moolah while I get 3-cents worth of interest myself.

I learned I am irrational. While listening to the Bad Plus on the radio, I thought, How auspicious! When the big broad tones of one of their songs came on, I felt that the operation could indeed take place within 24 hours.

Now, however, it’s 5:29 pm. I called Paige on her cellphone, asking her forgivenesss for bothering her.

She said she’s off work and at home. Her home in Bensalem with the swimming pool out back. She said Nurse Debbie will be in touch.

Now I am certain the operation won’t take place.

But look. My life is not on the line. I am not in immediate danger. Then again, after the operation, just feed me spaghetti with tomato sauce. That’s all I ask for.